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We strive to be the bridge between brands and their audiences, today and tomorrow.

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Our approach

It started as passion for storytelling. Taking out the camera and just record experiences and stories. For us, video has always been a powerful tool of communication. We quickly understood that merging audio with visuals does more than convey information-it connects emotions. It’s direct and efficient. 

At tmrw, we commit to merging creativity with the latest trends in video production to help businesses tell their stories in an authentic and resonant way. We believe in the power of video to establish deep connections, and we strive to be the bridge between brands and their audiences, today and tomorrow. Looking forward, our vision is clear: to adapt, innovate, and continue to inspire with our stories. Our purpose is to empower brands to align and build communities through communication.

Our values

Our process

The first step in content production is pre-production, a phase where we listen to the requirements, expectations, and concerns of our clients. During this phase, we develop and present to the clients a strategy that best solves their problem, within their prepared budget. Our work is completely transparent, the client has precise information before filming starts about how much everything will cost and when.

In pre-production, we prepare locations, actors or extras, props, and most importantly, the creative concept. We involve the client in the process so they know what to expect during filming and what the result will be. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, we prepare a text concept, mood board, script, or storyboard.

The production part runs smoothly, everything is planned in advance, and a well-coordinated team is selected for the maximum efficiency of the specific project. We know that your time is valuable, therefore we use the available budget as efficiently as possible to achieve the best result.

In post-production, we process the filmed data into the final product. We send a rough version to the client for approval. After approval, we complete the process, export to the required formats, and send for distribution.

Since we handle post-production internally, own most of the equipment, and vertically integrate production, we can guarantee our clients the maximum utilization of resources without unnecessary inter-production commissions. It’s not important to have the most creative content, but content that fulfills its purpose. At the end of the day, it’s actually just a tool for your business.

Our team

Adam Hubalovsky
Adam Hubálovský
Project Manager
00420 774 678 084
Michal Rak
Michal Rak
Creative Manager
00420 774 154 233
David Šrůtek
David Šrůtek
00420 736 745 662
Vratislav Karas
Vratislav Karas
director of photography
00420 773 493 325
When it comes to video production, we focus on the needs of our clients.

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