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CZ Eko – Factory Drift

CZ Eko - Factory Drift

Experience Drift in ŠKODA 130 LR in 360°

The process

The project represents a unique combination of an industrial environment and automotive art. Petr Šimurda, owner of the company CZ Eko, set out on an unusual drive through the narrow premises of his company in a modified version of the Škoda 130 LR.

The filming, which lasted two days, was driven by the requirement for high image quality and the possibility of slow-motion , which led to the use of cameras from the RED brand and the employment of three cameramen. Managing such a project without excessive repetition was a key challenge, especially considering the costs associated with running the vehicle.

The result has been a big hit on YouTube and in articles on popular automotive websites.

Behind the scenes

What the fans think?

“Perfect editing and the work of the cameraman combined with the skill of the driver and the ability of the car gave rise to this great video. Thanks for taking such a peek.”

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