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Svoboda Zvirat – For animal-free testing

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The process

Freedom for Animals is an organisation that fights for the rights and protection of animals in the Czech Republic. As a production company, we created an emotional promotional video for them that shows how animals suffer in cages and laboratories, and how they would like to live in peace and freedom.

The video is composed of real footage of animals, accompanied by dubbing of well-known personalities such as Martina Pártlová, Jan Musil and Patricie Pagáčová.The aim of the video is to draw attention to the cruelty and injustice that animals experience and to support the work of the organization Freedom of Animals, which seeks to promote changes in legislation, public opinion and the behavior of people towards animals.

Co-production: Studio DRUŽINA

Behind the scenes

Client's feedback

"Thank you so much, it's perfect and we can't wait for it to come out!"

Jolana Haismanová - Svoboda zvířat