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The process

We collaborated with PPL, the leading transport service provider in the Czech Republic, to create a video for the opening of their second central transshipment facility. This project was a great challenge and inspiration for us, as we were able to show not only the huge size and modern technology of the new HUB, but also its eco-friendliness and compliance with PPL's long-term sustainability strategy.

In the video, we used the symbolism of a comet to represent speed, power and innovation, while also referencing the legendary advertising of DHL, PPL's parent company. Our goal was to create a visually engaging and emotive piece that would celebrate this historic milestone for PPL and their customers. We are proud to have been part of this successful project and look forward to working with PPL again.

Behind the scenes

Client's feedback

“I think I'll speak for everyone. We really enjoyed filming with you guys and even more so when we see the excellent video and the positive reactions of the viewers. I look forward to future projects and thank you again.”

Petr Kallista - Marketing PPL CZ