• Microproductions

Rádio Černá Hora – LIVE

Rybičky48 - Ženy

Pokáč - Mám doma kočku

Marek Ztracený - Léto 95

Mirai - Když nemůžeš, tak přidej

Vypsaná Fixa - Limity

Voxel - Nádech

The process

For our client Rádio Černá Hora (today's Hitrádio Černá Hora), we had the task of creating live recordings of songs by Czech artists who were invited to their studio. This project was long-term and lasted several months. It was a way to promote the radio and support the Czech music scene.

We also had to coordinate with artists who had different styles, genres and requirements. Our recordings were very successful and received positive feedback from the client, artists and listeners.

Behind the scenes

Client's feedback

“Cat on the Radio!! 🐈📻 thanks to Radio Černá Hora for this great live stream 🙏 let me know how you like it, I really like it! 😻👍💃”