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TappyTaps – Bibino Baby Monitor

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The process

Bibino is an app that lets you turn your old phone into a baby monitor.The app is simple, safe and saves you money on expensive baby monitors.

As a production company, we made a promotional video to show how practical and useful this app is for parents. We used a screen replacement technique in the filming, replacing the green screens on the phones with real footage from the app. The result is a professional and compelling video that promotes Bibino as the ideal childcare solution.

Behind the scenes

Client's feedback

"Cooperation with tmrw.film was absolutely seamless and we can highly recommend it.

We are delighted with the result. At the beginning of the cooperation, we first clarified our ideas about what should be the output and goal of the product video, and then the tmrw.film agency took care of everything. From the development of the script, through the securing of locations, actors, necessary permits, to the very implementation and finalization of the project. tmrw.film offers comprehensive services and they have always met all of our requests."

Anna Kubátová - Marketing TappyTaps, s.r.o.